LU-MRRL Lecture Series: The Finca EcoFarm and the Native Plant Outdoor Lab at Lincoln University

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Lectures, Virtual Program
Registration for this event will close on May 18, 2021 @ 7:00pm.
There are 9 seats remaining.

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The Finca* EcoFarm is where you can see the growth of native fruits like persimmons, paw paws, and wild plums, edible greens like nettles and wild leeks; and tubers like sunchoke and ground nut. The Native Plant Laboratory is located in front of Allen and Foster Halls where more than 100 native wildflowers and shrubs can be seen thriving through the year. These two plantings do not need watering or chemical pesticides or herbicides. *Finca in Spanish means farm.

This event can be attended in person or through Zoom. Please register if you want to attend in person. A Zoom link will be posted prior to the event.


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