Sensory Play I Spy Bottles

Sensory Play I Spy Bottles

Supplies Needed: Small bottle filled with a cup of colored rice, beans & rice, corn, or birdseed. Small baggie with letter beads, wooden beads, colored beads, and buttons.

Possible Additional Supplies: Additional small buttons, beads, rubber bands, coins, toys, etc., additional bottles of various sizes & shapes, small funnel (top of water bottle works too), sealing item (super glue, hot glue, gorilla glue, or duct tape).

  1. Finding your items for your bottle is lots of fun. I have included a few items to get you started. You can make the bottles have a theme or just include random objects. Imagination and bottle opening size are your only limits.
  2. Make a list or take a photo of the objects before putting them in the bottle, so it is easier to make sure everything is found.
  3. To make sure items are evenly distributed, add about ¼ of the filler to the bottle. Then add about a 1/3 of your items. Continue process ending with filler on top. It is important to leave some space at the top, so the items will move around when the bottle is shook or turned.
  4. Before sealing the lid, replace the lid and shake the bottle, checking to see if the items are mixing and this will allow you to see if you need any more objects or less filler.
  5. Seal the lid with super glue or hot glue to make sure there is no chance of a mess. If you think you want to switch the bottle up or if your child is older, you can use duct tape.

*** Please remember, if allowing children to help fill the bottles, do so under supervision. Many of the small items can be choking hazards. ***

Watch the tutorial.