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Take and Make Craft: Infinity Cubes

Make your own infinity cube! 

Supplies Needed:
-48 square pieces of paper (we went with 3x3 inches); the infinity cube is composed of 8 blocks that use 6 pieces of paper each. You could do it all in one color, have each box be a different color (6 squares each of 8 different colors), or have multi-colored cubes as we do in the video (8 squares each of 6 different colors). You could even come up with your own combinations, so long as your total number of squares is 48. 
-scotch tape

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What We're Reading: "How to Invent Everything: a Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveller" by Ryan North

It’s a common enough scenario: you rent a time machine and set the dial to your favorite era in history. Just for a little sightseeing, you know? Instead your malfunctioning time machine hurls you back hundreds of thousands of years into the past and refuses to budge once you’re there. You are stuck somewhere in the past, with no way to return to the future and no one around to sue. What do you do next? 

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