Mango Languages - now available on your iDevice

Have you been using the library's Mango Languages service?  It can help you pick up a new language quickly and for free! If you have been using it and you have an iPod, iPhone or iPad, you can now take those lessons with you wherever you go with Mango's Mobile Library Edition application - it's free in the iTunes store.

New Databases at MRRL

Starting today, July 1st, MRRL will be offering access to some new databases (and, unfortunately, losing access to others). We get our databases through a cooperative system - it means we pay less for each one and can offer more choice and more resources to you, but it also means that the whole thing goes up for a bid every year and things change pretty frequently. Right now, you can access EBSCO databases for your periodical and journal article needs - but the Gale databases (most of them at least) will no longer be working today.