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TED-Ed - Video for Life-Long Learners

As patrons of your local public library, you are, by definition, a life-long learner. Our patrons (besides being the smartest and best-looking of all public libraries out there) soak up knowledge when they come to the library. Because of this, we thought that our patrons would appreciate knowing about the new TED-Ed series of videos. TED (Technology, Education and Design) is a series of short-ish (10 to 20 minutes each, approximately) talks by leading folks in their field - a way to get a quick introduction to an idea or a technology or a way of doing things, really.

One more reason to love your library

You may have been noticing the odd looking square codes that are popping up in all kinds of places these days (including the library's website) and wondering what they are. They are called QR (Quick Response) codes and they are very similar to barcodes - just more powerful.

MRRL's big secret

We have one of the best kept secrets in town....and the library isn't really in the business of keeping secrets. Here's the deal: The library has subscriptions to several top of the line databases, which you can use from the comfort of your own home!!! That's right, you don't have to come in to the library to do research anymore! We still want you to use the library, of course, but learning a language, writing a paper, or studying for the ACT has never been so EASY!!! All you need is a valid library card.

Welcome MRRL's new Director, Helen Rigdon

MRRL's new Director started on Tuesday the 18th and she wanted to say hello to MRRL's blog readers herself, so here is her statement to our patrons!

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Seeing when your books are due!

Did you know you can get online and check your library record to see when your books are due?  Come talk to us at the Reference desk or give us a call (634-2464) and we'll be happy to show you or walk you through the process.