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The PCC is closing!

Yes, that's right, due to popular demand, we will be closing the Public Computer Center at the library on the 1st Monday of every other month, until noon. It has been increasingly difficult to keep the latest versions of Flash, Adobe Reader and other popular software up to date and make sure that all of our patrons' favorite sites are available to them. To fix this situation, we won't be opening the PCC until noon on Nov. 3rd and will be sticking to a regular maintenance and update schedule of every other month after that.

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Getting Started on the Computer

Printable Tax Forms in the PCC

For those of you looking for tax forms in preparation for next month's tax deadline, we have a small collection of them in the Computer Center that are free for the taking. If you need something more specialized, however, we also have access to the IRS website and the Missouri State Tax Forms on our computers and a printer that will handle printing any tax form you need!

Come See Our New Computer Center Desk

New Desk - Straight On Our new, very pretty, PCC desk is in place! We are so happy with the new desk, which gives us not only a lot of work room to use to help manage all of those print-outs that our patrons make, but also has a lower section that will help us serve our patrons in wheelchairs.

An Introduction To Your PCC

The Missouri River Regional Library has offered a Public Computer Center (PCC) for over 9 years now, but I still get amazed looks from people as I tell them about what the PCC at the library has to offer. That being said, I thought I’d start off the monthly blog post from the library’s Information Technology department with an introduction to the PCC.