Welcome MRRL's new Director, Helen Rigdon

MRRL's new Director started on Tuesday the 18th and she wanted to say hello to MRRL's blog readers herself, so here is her statement to our patrons!

I am excited and happy to be chosen to lead Missouri River Regional Library as the new Director.  I plan on continuing to keep MRRL on track with new formats and technology while being a good steward of the taxpayers money.  I bring skills in strategic planning, budgeting, advocacy, and customer service.  In addition to being the Assistant Director at Kansas City Public Library for the past two years, I served as Director of the Coffeyville, KS Public Library, where I created with grant money a new Teen space, started a DVD collection, and increased circulation by 33% in 18 months.  I am also interested in keeping the library and staff on the cutting edge of technology as libraries re-create themselves with the changing formats that our patrons will expect.  I look forward to becoming an active part of the Jefferson City, Linn and Osage, Cole county communities and to continue providing the excellent service MRRL patrons deserve.


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