Fiction at Noon Book Club - The Night Birds

On the last Tuesday of every other month, The Fiction at Noon Book club meets to discuss outstanding works of fiction. Reservations are required for this club - you can call 634-6064 ext. 237 to make your reservation and reserve your copy of the book being discussed. In October, however, there will be a special Fiction at Noon program that is part of our Capital Read events.
The book, The Night Birds, is set in the 1860s and '70s and evokes a Midwest lacerated by clashes between European and Native American, slaveowner and abolitionist, killer and healer, nature and culture. Asa Senger, a lonely 14-year old boy, is a t first wary when his father's sister, Hazel, arrives at his parent's Minnesota home after a long stay in a faraway asylum, but he comes to cherish the mysterious Hazel's warmth and company. Through her stories, Asa learns of his family's bitter past: the lore and dreams of their German forebears, their place in the bitter divide over slavery and, most complex of all, the bond between Hazel and the Dakotan warrior Wanikiya that deepens despite the violence between their peoples.
To join us in the discussion on October 13th, call Claudia at 634-6064 ext. 237 and reserve your place now.


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