Book discussions, and more, at MRRL

Of course, MRRL hosts book discussions such as the upcoming Fiction at Noon Book Club meeting (tomorrow at noon in the MRRL Annex Conference Room), where discussions about books such as this week's pick - A Tree Grows In Booklyn - are held. Reservations are required for these programs, but if you can take an hour or two during lunch every other month (the last Tuesday of every other month, to be exact), you can join in with fellow book lovers and talk about great works of fiction over some good food!

If fiction isn't your thing, though, you may be more interested in joining in with the World Philosophy Discussion Group. These happen twice a month (2nd and 4th  Tuesday of the month from 2pm to 4pm) and focus discussions on books such as The Varieties of Religious Experience and The Four Agreements. This group is also found in the Annex Conference Room.

Those are just two of the discussion groups that are going on at MRRL on one day this week! We also have storytimes for kids (10:30am and 1:30pm this Wednesday in the Storyhour Room) up to 5 years old and we have teen focused book groups like the Pizza & Pages group that meets next Monday at 7pm in the Storyhour Room. This month's book is Unwind and besides having a great discussion of the book, the teens are also given pizza - just for showing up!

Here at MRRL, we like talking about books, so a quick look through the Event Calendar will give you a bunch of choices for meeting up with other people who also want to talk about books!

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