MRRL's links are available on Delicious

Delicious Social Bookmarking ServiceAre you familiar with the fabulous set of links that our Reference department has compiled? On our Reference pages on the website, we have a bunch of links that have been collected by those smart folks that work at our Reference desk - and you can have access to them too! You can either visit our Reference Links page or you can go to Delicious (the social bookmarking service) to search our links, get notifications every time we add a new link (look for the "RSS feed for these Bookmarks" link at the bottom left corner of our Delicious page) or add us to your network if you have a Delicious account of your own.

These links are sites that our Reference staff has found useful or interesting or authoritative and they want to share that information with you! Check them out - but make sure you have plenty of time, you may lose an hour or two (or three...) surfing through these links and finding out all kinds of interesting information.


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