Come See Our New Computer Center Desk

New Desk - Straight On Our new, very pretty, PCC desk is in place! We are so happy with the new desk, which gives us not only a lot of work room to use to help manage all of those print-outs that our patrons make, but also has a lower section that will help us serve our patrons in wheelchairs.

All the staff who work in the PCC love the new desk and have been getting lots of positive comments on how it brightens and improves the look of our Computer Center. Come down and say hi to us - and let us know what you think of the complete new look of the PCC.

New Desk - ADA Compliant On an only slightly related note - while you are downstairs, be sure to talk to the Computer Center staff about our upcoming computer classes. We're restarting them in April, and starting with the basics. First will be a class on "Getting Started On The Computer" on the 16th of April at 6:30pm and then there will be a class on "Introduction To Blogging" on the 30th of April at 6:30pm. For more information about upcoming computer classes, go to our Event Calendar and choose "Computer Classes" in the All Events drop-down box.

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