The Familiars


  The Familiars by Jay Epstein

When a scrappy alley cat named Aldwyn passes himself off as a magical animal companion to Jack, a young wizard in training, Aldwyn and his fellow "familiars," a know-it-all blue jay and bumbling tree frog, must save the kingdom after the evil queen of Vastia kidnaps Jack and two other wizards. 

Discussion Questions

  1. Why is Aldwyn on the run? Who is chasing him?
  2. Who do the familiars meet on their quest to rescue their loyals? What did they have to do at each destination?
  3. What magical powers do each of the familiars possess?
  4. Where are each of the familiars from?
  5. What familiar do you think possess the greatest power - Aldwyn, Gilbert, or Skylar? Why?
  6. What do the familiars discover in the cave on Kailasa?
  7. Describe Gilbert's relationship with his dad. Does it change by the end of the book?
  8. Who is truly responsible for Kalstaff's death?
  9. Who are the three original "prophesized three"? Who are the new "prophesized three"?
  10. What was each familiar afraid of on the Bridge of Betrayal?
  11. How do you think Aldwyn’s relationship with Gilbert and Skylar changed in the story?

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