Free materials for your ereader

You may already know that our Overdrive ebook service provides links and downloads to the Project Gutenburg public domain books for free and without checkout limits or due dates, but did you know that you can get more current books for free on your Kindle ereader? EReader IQ has a free section that lists all the books with a $0.00 price in the Amazon Kindle Store and is updated hourly. You can filter the books to just the genres you like, or spend some time browsing to see what catches your eye! Another new option is the Zero Dollar Books site - which lists free bestsellers available for the Kindle from Amazon.

Never fear, Nook owners, there is a site for you as well. Barnes and Noble has a page that features free books for the Nook. From special previews of books to full text, they have a nice sized list of books you can download and try out for free.

Don't get discouraged waiting on holds for our Overdrive books - check out these options for some free reading while you wait for your ebook to be returned and made available to you!



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