Expand your mind online - let us help!

There are a number of free online educational opportunities - from learning Javascript through the CodeAcademy "Year of Coding" program (still open, even if it is May...) to taking actual college-level courses through Coursera and MIT (the Open CourseWare program). There has never been a better time to be a life-long learner and to pick up new skills and knowledge! Even if you don't have access to a computer that will run some of these programs (CodeAcademy and Coursera use pretty cool features of the newest browsers to work), we do! You get, as a patron of the library, 2 hours a day to use one of our computers to do anything - including attending classes via the Internet for free! You may want to bring a pair of headphones to listen to the lectures - though we do sell them in our PCC for $3 each - and your own notebook to take notes (we have pencils), but other than that, all you need is your curiosity and a willingness to learn!

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