10 things that you could get for free at your library

1) Books

From recent bestsellers (found on our Walk-In Bestsellers shelf near the front door) to E- and Audio-books that you can download without ever having to visit the library (or when the library is closed, for those of you with insomnia issues) to the classics, books are always avaialable at the library. If we don't have it, we can get it using the (usually) free InterLibrary Loan service. We also provide fun to go along with those books - check out our ReadMOre program (http://www.mrrl.org/content/readmore) or our book clubs or our summer reading programs...
2) Movies (DVD or VHS)

We offer a ton of movies - both documentaries for learning and feature films for entertainment. You can check out all the VHS movies you would like from us, though we limit you to only 6 DVDs at a time. We don't charge rental fees, though - so if you bring those movies back on time, it's free entertainment!
3) Music

We have an excellent selection of both classic(al) and modern music on CD - stop by and check them out sometime!

4) Internet access (computers or wi-fi)

Our computer center has, across both branches and on all 3 floors of the main library, 41 computers for the public to use for up to 2 hours a day. A library card, or guest pass, is required to use them, but both are free. We also have wireless internet access at both branches!
5) Language Instruction

Have you checked out our Mango Languages product? You can learn Brazilian Portuguese, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, Greek, Japanese and Russian or English as a Second Language lessons for Brazilian Portuguese, Polish or Spanish speakers. It's now also available on your iPhone, iPod or iPad for on-the-go language instruction for free.
6) Programs

Keep up with all of the completely free programs that the library offers through our online program calendar at http://www.eventkeeper.com/code/events.cfm?curOrg=MRRL. Every program we offer (and we offer a lot - from author visits and kid's crafts to movie nights and musical concerts) is listed in one convenient place!
7) Classes (Computer, scrapbooking, crafts)

Along with all of the free programs, MRRL offers a bunch of classes - learn how to work a computer, create a scrapbook, paint a scarf or make beaded bracelets - all materials provided and all classes are free!
8) Magazines and Newspapers and Periodical Searches

If you haven't stopped by our Periodicals room (in the basement, just beyond the Public Computer Center), you are missing out. Every magazine to which MRRL subscribes (in print) is there for you to read - lift a shelf and you have a year's worth of back issues, just waiting for you to either read in our comfy chairs or check out to take home and read in your comfy chairs. Upstairs, just beside the entrance, is our newspaper reading area - newspapers from across the state and country can be found there. On our computers, we have access to many more periodicals - from popular magazines to scholarly journals - many of which would require a hefty subscription fee for you to access on your own. We make them available to you for free, from your home or from the library (if you access them from the library, you get the services of a trained professional to help you with your search - also for free!).
9) Community Rooms

Any community group can reserve one of our community rooms for use for meetings or get-togethers. Contact us to see how we can host your group for free (well, with a $25 deposit that we hold in order to make sure that the room doesn't get too messed up).
10) Auto Repair, Job Searching, Family History and Health Resource databases

Besides the scholarly journals and the popular magazines, we have a bunch of databases that are available for free, from the library or from home, for you to use. We have Mitchell's Auto Repair database (that one actually is only avaialble from the library), Optimal Resume (which lets you create and save resumes for job searches, as well as provides you with lots of information about how to interview well, how to do a job search and more), Ancestry (a genealogical database that lets you search for family history) and several databases that you can use to become better informed about health and wellness topics.

There are a lot of ways the library can provide you with information and entertainment for free - stop by and check out what we can do for you sometime soon!


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