One more reason to love your library

You may have been noticing the odd looking square codes that are popping up in all kinds of places these days (including the library's website) and wondering what they are. They are called QR (Quick Response) codes and they are very similar to barcodes - just more powerful. The way these codes are used is to provide a link to a web page, application or function on your cell phone that will make life a bit easier for you. The code on this page is, if you were to use a QR reader on your smartphone, programmed to call the library. On my phone, I use the QuickMark reader for Android (free, as many of them are) to read the code with my phone's camera. Once the QuickMark application reads the code, it brings up a button that, upon pressing, uses my phone's dialing application to call the library's main phone number. QuickMark (as will many of the options out there) will also read codes on web pages, so if you are reading this post on your phone, you can skip the "reading" part and just bring this post up in your QR reader to have the code do its magic.

We have also put QR codes for Overdrive's phone applications on our Overdrive page at Those codes take you to the Overdrive application for the Android, Blackberry (both touch and non-touch screen versions) and iPhone/iPad2/iPod. Reading the code for your particular phone/mobile device's operating system will let you install Overdrive without having to search for it in the market.

We hope you find these QR codes useful! Let us know if you have ever used them before or if you have found them helpful in other ways at other places!! (Also - keep an eye out for QR codes on some of our bookmarks that will take you directly to a list of all of our movies of a particular genre - if you like Horror movies, for example, you can grab the Horror movies bookmark, read the QR code and find every horror movie we carry - other genres are included too. Keep an eye on this blog for a list of the genres and maybe a sneak peek at the bookmarks before they go "live" in the library!)


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