MRRL's big secret

We have one of the best kept secrets in town....and the library isn't really in the business of keeping secrets. Here's the deal: The library has subscriptions to several top of the line databases, which you can use from the comfort of your own home!!! That's right, you don't have to come in to the library to do research anymore! We still want you to use the library, of course, but learning a language, writing a paper, or studying for the ACT has never been so EASY!!! All you need is a valid library card. All of the clickable icons below assume you are outside of the library when reading this. If you are in the library, head over to our Online Resources page to get the links to these (and many other) databases.

Are you traveling abroad this year or trying to improve your grade in a language class at school??? Try learning a new language or brushing up on one with Mango Language Learning.

Do you have a science project, a report on a Shakespeare, or a paper due on the Civil War? Check out some of our Facts on Files databases.

We also have LexisNexis Library Express! This database is a powerful, easy-to-use, Web-based service is a unique combination of news, business, and legal information tailored for the public library. Access over 9,500 news, business, and legal sources!!!

For all your homework help needs try World Book online. There are three different resource for all ages!

Wanting to get your GED? Trying to prepare yourself for the ASVAB? Whatever your goal, try our LearningExpress Library! LearningExpress resources will help you succeed....each of our Learning Centers offers the practice tests, exercises, skill-building courses, eBooks, and information you need to achieve the results you want—at school, at work, or in life. Looking to land a job? You'll find an entire Learning Center dedicated to helping you get the one that's right for you.

Would you like to design a new resume ? Try OPTIMAL RESUME. It does all the hard work for you!

Checkout our latest addition to our databases....Gale Biography in context. It might just be the perfect resource for your next assignment! 


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