Overdrive, MRRL and Harper Collins

Some of you may have noticed that the library has not been purchasing new titles from the publisher Harper Collins in Overdrive. We have stopped buying new titles from this publisher because they changed their policies and have started "destroying" ebooks after 26 checkouts. This means that we would pay for the ebook, check it out to you 26 times and then lose the book from our collection. Besides the extra work involved with adding and removing books from our catalog, this is unfair to us and a poor use of the money we receive from your taxes. Because of that, we are not going to buy any Harper Collins books for our Overdrive collection until the publisher negotiates a more reasonable agreement with libraries. Harper Collins made this change without notice and we believe that purchasing their ebooks at the full price but accepting a much lower level of use is not an effective way for us to use our budget to provide materials to you. We are still purchasing these books in print format, however, so they are still available in our library.


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