Friday Videos!

Did you catch the CSPAN Local Content Tour as it came to Jefferson City? If you missed the programs on TV, you can go to the CSPAN page and catch local authors talking on Book TV, local historians giving tours of the Penitentiary, the Lewis and Clark Monument and much more! Just ignore the fact that they used a picture from a much larger city on their banner...

Not getting our emails?

Because we send out so many emails each day - reminding folks about books being almost due, due and then, unfortunately, overdue - some email providers think we may be sending out SPAM (unwanted commercial emails). We aren't - we promise! We are just trying to send out courtesy notices to our patrons so that they can get a reminder to bring their materials back in time. To help make sure you get those emails from us, please find the "whitelist" or "allowed" senders list in your email and add both and as approved senders.

Do you have a story?

MRRL Needs Family Stories!!!
Missouri River Regional Library is looking for a few good family stories. As part of the 2012 Capital Read, A Good American, the library is looking for family stories of ancestors who immigrated to Mid-Missouri from Germany.

“We are hoping to create a program in October where people can share these stories and photographs and perhaps read from letters or journals they may have,” said Claudia Schoonover, assistant director of public services. “I am very excited about this project and eager to hear from families.”

Stars Under The Stars - it's almost here!!

Come join us on the South Capital Lawn July 13th for Jumanji and don't forget about Meet Me In St. Louis on the 3rd of August!

Always free and fun for the whole family!

RIP Andy Griffith

In movies like A Face In The Crowd and in TV shows like the

Search Google Like A Pro (or a reference librarian)

Daniel Russell, a Google employee, gave a talk a couple of weeks ago to a bunch of investigative reporters about how to find information in Google. Many of the tricks he uses are the same ones that our reference staff uses to find information in public search engines. Of course, this doesn't search article/journal databases for more in-depth research (we do that, too!) but it does give you some excellent advice on finding what you need in Google.

Creative Stationary!

Creative Stationary! Join us in creating unique stationary, making envelopes and cards out of recycled calendars, alcohol inks, and templates.
This craft program is a part of this Summer's Adult Reading theme Betweenthe Covers: Books & More It happens this Monday, July 2nd in the AnnexMeeting Room (across the street from the Main Library Building) from 6:30pm to8:30pm. Call Kira (573) 634-2464 X 238 to sign up - registration preferred.

Fourth of July 2012 Street Closings

  • The South Drive of the Capitol will be closed starting July 2nd at 6:00 a.m. through Noon of July 5th.
  • There will be a stage placed in the center parking spaces of the North Drive on July 1st.
  • All state parking lots will be utilized on July 4th.
  • The following streets around the Capitol Complex will be closed:
  • July 1st…...Capitol Avenue from Madison to Monroe and Madison from State to Capitol
  • July 3rd……Madison from Capitol to High and Madison from High to alley (intersection can stay open)
  • July 3rd……High from Monroe to Broadway

Dangerous Heat!

Today I've heard that it's going to top out at either 106 degrees or 107 - whichever it is, it's going to be dangerously hot! Parenting Magazine has some great tips on how to determine if your kids (who are more likely to get overwhelmed by this heat) are getting too hot. The Accuweather site has some tips on staying cool, too:

MRRL Wins A Grant

Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan announced on June 14 that the Missouri River Regional Library