Western Stories in General Fiction

AND Albert of Adelaide by Howard L. Anderson

BLY Code of the West series by Bly, Stephen

DEW The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt

DUN James River Teeth by Duncan, David

DUR Gabriel's Story by Durham, David Anthony

ERD Four Souls by Erdrich, Louise Track

EDR The Last Report on the Miracles at Little No Horse by Erdrich, Louise

EDR Tracks by Erdrich, Louis

EST Billy Gashade by Estleman, Loren D.

EST Journey of the Dead by Estleman, Loren D.

EST The Master Executioner by Estleman, Loren D.

FIS A Sudden Country by Fisher, Karen

FRO Blood Knot by Fromm, Pet

FRO Dry Rain by Fromm, Pete

GAR American Woman by Garcia, R. Y Robertso

GAT The Sound of the Trees by Gatewood, Robert

GIL Hannah Fowler by Giles, Janice Holt

GIS CrowHeart by Gist, John

GLA Pushing the Bear by Glancy, Diane

GLA Stone Heart by Glancy, Diane

GLO The Hearts of Horses by Gloss, Molly

GLO Jump-Off Creek by Gloss, Molly

GRE The Desert of Wheat by Grey, Zane

GRE The Great Trek by Grey, Zane

GUT Fair Land, Fair Land by Guthrie, A. B.

HAL Apaches by Hall, Oakley

HAL The Bad Lands by Hall, Oakley

HAN Atticus by Hansen, Ron

HAR The Gates of the Alamo by Harrigan, Stephen

HAR The Outcasts of Poker Flat by Harte, Bret

HEB The Old American by Hebert, Ernest

HER The German Bride by Hershon, JoAnna

HOU Snow Mountain Passage by Houston, James D.

HUB A Patchwork Family by Hubbard, Charlotte

IAG The Expeditions by Iagnemma, Karl

JAK The Kent Family Series by Jakes, John

JEN Frontiers by Jensen, Michael

JOH The Cowboy by Johnston, Joan

JOH Dance on the Wind by Johnston, Terry

LAM Haunted Mesa by L'Amour Louis

LAM May There Be a Road by L'Amour Louis

LAM Off the Mangrove Coast by L'Amour Louis

LAM With These Hands by L'Amour Louis

LAM Shifting Stars by Lambert, Page

LAF Laughing Boy by La Farge, Oliver

LAT Code of the West by Latham, Aaron

LET The Primal Yoke by Le, Tom

LEE Arikaree War Cry by Lee, Wayne C.

LEV For California's Gold by Levy, Jo Ann

MAC Moccasin Trace by MacKinney, Hawk

MAC Break-Heart Pass by MacLean, Alistair

MAG Orphan Trains by Magnuson, James

PEN Colorado Shadows by Pendergrass, Tess

PEN The Tenderness of Wolves by Penney, Stef

PLU Shadow of the Wolf: An Apache Tale by Plumlee, Harry James

POO Whitewater Dynasty Series by Poole, Helen Lee

PRO Close Range by Proulx, Anne

RIC The Awakening Land by Richter, Conrad

ROB Ghost Warrior by Robson, Lucia St. Clair

ROL Giants in the Earth: A Saga of the Prairie by Rolvaag, O.E.

ROS An American Dynasty Series by Ross, Dana Fuller Holts

ROS Wagons West Series by Ross, Dana Fuller

ROS Wagons West: Frontier Trilogy by Ross, Dana Fuller

SAN Star of Empire by Sanders, Leonard

SHR Custer's Brother's Horse by Shrake, Edwin

STE The Angle of Repose by Stegner, Wallace

TRA The Treasure of the Sierra Madre by Traven, B.

WAN The Last Crossing by Vanderhaeghe, Guy

WAL Circle of Stars by Waldo, Anna Lee

WEL The Heartsong of Charging Elk by Welch, James

WES The Massacre at Fall Creek by West Jessamyn

WES The Day of the Locust by West, Nathanael

WHE Flint's Truth by Wheeler, Richard S.

WHE The Goldfield by Wheeler, Richard S.

WHE The Witness by Wheeler, Richard S.

WIL A Lady Bought with Rifles by Williams, Dorothy Jeanne

WIL The Longest Road by Williams, Jeanne

WIL The Unplowed by Williams, Jeanne

WIL Carlos White Mule by Williams, William

YOU The Wedding Dress: Stories from the Dakota Plains by Young, Carrie

ZIM Where the Buffalo Roam by Zimmer, Michael

ZIM Dust and Glory by Zimmer, Michael