This week in the Children's Department!

We have a very busy week in the Children's Department this week. On top of our usual preschool storytime on Tuesday, family storytime on Wednesday, storytime at Linn on Thursday we have a lot of other programs scheduled.

We have a homework helpers database class on Monday evening that is sure to be a big help to all you school age kids and parents. We have our Tail Waggin' Tutors on Wednesday evening. This was previously known as Reading to Rover. You can bring your favorite book and read to a therapy dog. We also have a wonderful program for homeschoolers on Thursday where we will be doing Christmas crafts. Then we have our regularly scheduled monthly programs: our Family movie nights here and at Linn on Friday night and our Bookworms Book Club on Thursday night. And finally on Saturday morning we have marshmallow catapults at Linn.

It is definitely a busy week here in the Children's Department and we hope you join us!

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