Teen Programming

 There are so many awesome things going on at MRRL for Teens.  Here are our regular monthly offerings:

Book groups: 

Novel Ideas (for grades 6-8)

Pizza & Pages (for grades 9-12)

Teen Game Days and Teen Choice Nights:

Once a month, on a Saturday, we get together in the big Art Gallery for Game Day in the afternoonWe hook one of our consoles up to the big screen and set up an array of board games to play with friends.  You're also free to bring your favorite deck for Yu-Gi-Oh! dueling.  

In the evening, the choice is up to you:  will it be a movie?  karaoke?  some anime?  One thing is for certain.  There will be pizza and soda.  No matter what, you really can't go wrong!

Check the Event Calendar to find out when the next Game Day/Teen Night is.

Teen Advisory Council

Teen Anime Club

Our Anime Club meets the third Thursday of every month from 3:30-5:30 p.m., in the Art Gallery.  Watch popular anime series on the big screen with surround sound!  Titles to be watched are selected by Teen Advisory Council members.  Check the Event Calendar to find out what we're watching next!

We also have a variety of special events that pop up from time to time.  We do all kinds of things, from crafts to movie nights; from classes and workshops to games and general silliness.  Keep your eyes on our Event Calendar or check the Special Events section to find out what fun stuff is going to be happening at the library!