Social Networking Sites Guidelines

The administrator of the Library’s Social Networking pages will follow these guidelines in addition to the Library’s Public Service Policies

Approved September 5, 2007


  • Connect with patrons, authors and other libraries

  • Promote library programs, events and services through blogging and bulletins
  • Information about library programs, events and services

  • Materials owned by the library

  • Information about authors and their works

  • Links to other webpages. As a social networking site, links will be made to pages created by people outside the Library; the Library has no control over the content of those pages.
  • Comments deemed inappropriate for a public space will not be approved

  • Comments containing html that may interfere with the layout of the page will not be approved

  • Advertisement or promotional comments must be under 10 lines and are subject to the approval of the administrator
  • Friends and followers are subject to approval by the administrator

  • The Library reserves the right to approve or deny friends