Ren Fest Vendor Form

Thank you for your interest in our 10th annual Renaissance Festival. For many years, the Missouri River Regional Library has offered free programs to families in the Jefferson City area, and this is one of our most successful and popular events. Each year we've added to the activities we offer and this year our focus is on artists and craftspeople. Booth space is available for potters, weavers, chain mail makers, leather workers and other handmade treasures.

The Festival is set for Saturday, June 26, 12-6 p.m. in West Jefferson City. Each year the attendance has grown for our celebration, and this year we hope to have over 8,000 people. The event, which began as a simple promotion for the Renaissance Festival of Kansas City, has grown to include over 100 performers from the Festival as well as a number of other local and regional performers and artists. The Library provides exccellent promotion and the opportunity for participants to reach a wide audience at no cost. We have a $35.00 vendor fee, please make checks payable to: Missouri River Regional Library.

We request that you produce your wares on site, if possible. We hope you'll join us for this exciting and fun event! You will need to bring your own table, chairs and tent for shade (tent may be staked). 

Please print this form and mail it to:

Taryn Prewitt
Missouri River Regional Library
PO Box 89
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0089

Vendor Name:


Description and
Cost of Wares:



Booth Dimensions:

Please contact Taryn Prewitt at 573.634.6064 ext. 235 or by email (with the subject line: Ren Fest Vendor) at