Policies and Procedures

Who Can Use the Public Computer Center?

Anyone with a Missouri River Regional Library (Missouri River Regional Library) card may use the PCC. Non-cardholders may use it as a guest. Patrons with MRRL cards must present them to use the Public Computer Center. No other form of ID is acceptable. Patrons using the Public Computer Center are considered to have agreed to abide by the two policies that govern patron behavior in the PCC. They are: * Internet Use Policy (IUP) - The IUP outlines rules for use of the Internet. Violating it can result in loss of Internet Privileges for varying lengths of time. For details, see Internet Use Policy. * Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) - The AUP outlines rules for patron behavior in the PCC that do not include Internet use. Violating any of these rules will result in loss of PCC privileges for varying lengths of time. For details, see Rules For Acceptable Use of the PCC.

 Group Use of the Public Computer Center

Because of its disruptive nature, group use of the center is not permitted. Children's Use of the Public Computer Center Patrons using the Children's workstations are not subject to the signup procedures or time and session limits in place for the other computers in the PCC

Age Limits for Internet Use

Patrons aged 18 and over may use the Internet without restriction. Those 17-12 and under must have a parent or guardian present or the signature of that individual granting permission on their card application form. Children under 12 require the presence of a parent or guardian at the computer while they are using our Internet computers. The library cards of those eligible will have Internet stickers.

Printing Printouts are .15¢/page.

Disks As outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy (see Rules For Acceptable Use of the PCC), patrons may not save or download any file to the workstation hard drives. You are free to bring your own disks for this purpose. The PCC desk will sell disks to any patron who wishes one. Compact Discs are $2.00.