Parent/Teacher Resources

Parent/Teacher Resources

We have set aside a room just for Parents and Teachers in our Children's Department. Our Parent/Teacher Resource Room is filled with a variety of materials that are valuable resources for parents, home educators and teachers. You can find materials from this collection by going to our catalog, choosing keyword, and typing in parent teacher collection.

Parent/Teacher Materials

Some resources available in the Parent/Teacher Resource Room: 

Teacher resource materials 

 Mailbox yearbooks and magazines 

 Parenting resources

 File folder games and learning center

 Arts, crafts and holiday ideas

 Classroom games

 Books with teaching techniques

 Books on CD, with guides

 Pre-school story kits

 Hands on science kits (grades 2-6)

 Fictional stories with difficult topics

 Parenting and homeschooling magazines



The following kits are available for checkout from the Children's Department. They can be found in the Parent/Teacher Resource Room. They are filled with valuable resources to help you meet your educational needs.

Science Kits

These hands on Science Kits contain books and materials on topics suitable for upper elementary school age children.

Preschool Kits

These kits contain books and materials for preschool age children.

Literacy Kits

The Literacy Kits each contain a book and activities related to that book.

Ready Set Read Kits

The Ready Set Read Kits contain books, music, DVDs and materials on a variety of topics suitable for children of all ages.

Pregnancy Kits

The Pregnancy Kits contain books, music and DVD materials on pregnancy, nutrition and fitness, breastfeeding and other related subjects.

Parent/Teacher Resources