Math Books

Judy Moody Goes to College by Megan McDonald

Stacey the Math Whiz by Ann M. Martin

The Math Wiz by Betsy Duffey

Arthur and the No-Brainer by Stephen Krensky

The Curtain Went Up, My Pants Fell Down by Henry Winkler

The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure by Hans Enzensberger

Sticks by Joan Bauer

Do the Math by Wendy Lichtman

Henry and the Boy who Thought Numbers were Fleas by Marjorie Kaplan

The Unknowns: a Mystery by Benedict Carey


Nonfiction Books

Math Potatoes: Mind-stretching Brain Food by Greg Tang

Your 206 Bones, 32 Teeth, and Other Body Math by Robyn O'Sullivan

Frogs Jump; A Counting Book by Alan Brooks

Fractions Are Parts of Things by Dennis J. Richard

Odd and Even Numbers by Shirley Tucker

My Signing Book of Numbers by Patricia Bellan Gillen