Library Card Policy


Missouri River Regional Library issues free library cards to residents of Cole and Osage counties and to those who own property in Cole or Osage County but reside elsewhere.
The Library may extend a reciprocal offer of a free card to patrons from taxing library districts in the surrounding area. At their discretion, library staff may issue special classes of cards for temporary residents, including but not limited to students and legislators.
All other patrons may purchase an annual individual or family library card at a rate comparable to the average individual or household tax contribution of MRRL taxpayers.
The library staff sets reasonable rules for the issuance of library cards and conditions for their use.
Approved July 20, 2010



A valid MRRL library card is required for borrowing materials and using the computer center.  MRRL patrons must use their own library card to checkout materials or to use the computers.

The age requirement to obtain a library card without a parent or guardian signature is 18 years of age. Patrons age 17 and under must have a parent or legal guardian co-sign the library card application. Exceptions to this policy may be made at staff discretion for legally emancipated minors or married minors, upon presentation of proper documentation.

Interlibrary loan and MOBIUS services are available only to Cole and Osage County residents, non-resident taxpayers and to paying non-resident cardholders. Interlibrary loan and MOBIUS are NOT available to reciprocal card holders.

The card holder is responsible for all materials borrowed on their card. The card holder is responsible for all fines incurred on their library card. Fines are accrued at 20 cents per day, per item, with a max fine of $5.00 per item. All accounts are subject to be sent to our collection agency for fees over $25.00. There is a fee to replace a lost or stolen card, lost or stolen cards should be reported to library staff immediately.

Access to collections, library-sponsored programs and reference services are available to the public without a card.

Non-residents owning property in Cole or Osage counties may receive a library card upon presentation of a paid property tax bill for said property.

Residents of the following reciprocal library districts may receive a free MRRL card upon presentation of identification and proof of address as outlined in the procedures:

  • Daniel Boone Regional Library (Boone and Callaway counties)
  • Mexico-Audrain County Library District Scenic Regional Library (Franklin, Gasconade, Warren)
  • Heartland Regional Library (Maries & Miller)
  • Price James Memorial Library, Tipton and surrounding tax-supported library district
  • Wood Place Library (residents residing inside the city limits of California)

Persons residing outside the MRRL service area and not in the districts eligible for a reciprocal borrowing card may purchase a non-resident card for an annual fee. The fee will be based on the average tax contribution of MRRL residents and may change accordingly each year. Family members residing at the same address may share one non-resident card.

Students attending local colleges may receive a card upon presentation of proof of address and current student ID.Cards expire at the end of the academic term.

State legislators may receive a card for the length of their term of office.

Patrons residing at temporary shelters may obtain a special card with some limits. Privileges for this type of card are, full access to the Library’s electronic services, use of the Library’s Public Computer Center, use of the library’s online resources, limited ability to check out items. Patrons are limited to checking out two items at a time, patrons are not able to check out additional items in the case of fines. Patrons cannot place MOBIUS holds or Inter Library Loan requests. Patron’s card needs to be renewed every six months with proof of short term residence. Other temporary cards may be issued to temporary residents of the district at the discretion of the circulation supervisor.

Persons 18 years and older must provide proof of current physical address within the library district and a picture ID. Proof of address may include a valid driver’s license, voter registration card, checkbook, utility bill or rent receipt. If a patron does not have proof of current physical address a postcard will be mailed to the applicant who may then return with the postcard and receive a library card.

Persons 5 to 17 years of age may receive a library card with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. The application must be co-signed by the parent or legal guardian, who must present proof of residency as above. Identification for the child is not required, but both must be present to receive the card.