Internet Use Policy


The Missouri River Regional Library offers Internet access to its patrons as an enhancement to the research and educational resources in the Library’s print and non-print collections. Missouri River Regional Library cannot ensure the availability or the accuracy of external digital resources. The library will assist wherever possible in the use of digital resources, but patrons must share the responsibility of evaluating the validity of information retrieved from the Internet. The Library respects patrons' rights to privacy and to access of information; however, the Library reserves the right to monitor Internet use in the Public Computer Center and elsewhere in the library, and may terminate Internet usage of any patron accessing material that may be considered offensive to others or that creates a hostile environment for library patrons or staff. Access to illegal material such as child pornography is strictly prohibited. Illegal and destructive activity such as hacking, spreading viruses or otherwise obstructing the operation of the library’s computing resources is also prohibited. The Library restricts minors from gaining electronic access to material that is pornographic for minors in accordance with RSMo Sections 182.825 and 182.827. The library complies with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) by employing electronic filters on Internet-accessible computers. Missouri River Regional Library reserves the right to set rules as needed to promote equitable computer use and to revise this policy in response to changes in, or concerns about the library's computing environment.  
Approved July 20, 2010



Parents are responsible for monitoring their child’s use of the Internet, including accessing the World Wide Web, chat, email and game sites.

Patrons age 18 and over may use the Library’s Internet resources within the guidelines of this Internet Use Policy and procedures set by library staff.

Patrons aged 12 through 17 require a parent or legal guardian to grant them permission to use the Internet in person.

Patrons under the age of 12 require a parent or guardian to be present with them at the computer at all times when accessing the Internet.

Each patron may use the Internet for up to 2 hours per day.



 Patrons must have a valid Missouri River Regional Library card to use the PCC. Non- patrons can get a guest pass at the Public Computer Center desk.

Patrons must provide your library card if asked.

The computers are normally available whenever the library is open, subject to periodic maintenance.

Patrons may not use your own software programs on the computers.

Patrons may not download programs from the Internet to library computers. You may download information to personal storage media (i.e. floppy disks, thumb drives, burnable CD’s, etc.) However, personal documents are not saved on the library’s computers.

Computer printouts are 15 cents per page for all copies made. Using the “Print Preview” function can avoid unnecessary copies.

The Missouri River Regional Library staff cannot configure personal computers. This is an unacceptable liability for the library and the staff member. We do not take any troubleshooting requests for personal computers, staff members cannot diagnose or correct a malfunctioning personal computer.

The Missouri River Regional Library staff cannot provide in-depth assistance in using personal devices (i.e. cameras, phones, mp3 players, etc) with computers, except in the case of using them with online library provided services or resources. (i.e. downloading of an e-audio book.)



In compliance with CIPA, patrons aged 17 and older may request that library staff disable the Internet filter during his or her current Internet session.

Patrons may request a review of a blocked site by library staff for inclusion on the library’s “allowed” list of websites.

Library staff will set reasonable procedures for using the Public Computer Center computers and other electronic resources within the library, including setting time limits, printing costs, and penalties for violating the intent of this policy.