Health and Well-being

General Health Links:

TeenHealthFX:  An online resource for any and all questions regarding health, relationships, their body and sexuality.

Medline: Comprehensive online database of health and medical issues.

Go Ask Alice:  Health information from Columbia University

iEmily:  Health and wellness site just for girls.

Sex and Sexuality:

Scarleteen:  "Sex education for the real world."  Coalition for Positive Sexuality (also in Spanish!)

Teen Talk:  sponsored by Planned Parenthood

Mental Health/Crisis prevention:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline : Get help, help someone else, find resources and more.

Teen Suicide:  Articles, facts, advice and more.

The Trevor Project:  Crisis prevention for GLBTQ teens.

Love is Not Abuse:  Resources for preventing abuse in teen relationships.

RAINN:  Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

abovetheinfluence:  Drug abuse prevention and intervention.

Addiction Center: Get educated, get help.

Something Fishy:  All about eating disorders, including resources and support.