Credit Cards and Charge Accounts

 Credit cards for library staff may be issued by Central Bank under guidelines set by the MRRL Board of Trustees. The library director has authority to issue cards to appropriate staff and to set rules for their use.

Approved February 19, 2002


Institution maximum credit limit: $15,000

Individual account credit limits:
1 card for business manager     $5000 limit
8-10 cards for staff travel     $2000 limits 


 The card for the business office coordinator will be used for online purchases and in circumstances where credit card use is required or most expedient. The other cards will be issued to library managers most likely to engage in out-of-town travel throughout the year. These cards are primarily to be used for travel, but may also be used on occasion to purchase items for the library according to the established budget for the department.


 All credit and store charge cards will be kept in the Business Office when not in use.

Cards must be signed in and out with name, date and reason for each use.

Receipts for all purchases made with cards must be submitted to a supervisor for authorization for payment unless employee has prior budget authorization for the purchase.

Receipts for library credit card use for travel must be submitted to a supervisor, along with all other receipts, on an Expense Report Form.

Use of credit cards for travel must comply with established travel procedures, including but not limited to reasonable meal amounts and approved hotel and transportation expenses. No alcoholic beverages may be purchased on library credit.

Library purchases of goods in Missouri are state sales tax exempt. This applies to some hotel sales taxes as well, so employees need to provide hotels a copy of the tax-exempt letter upon check-in when traveling. Tax-exempt letters are available from the Business Office. It is the responsibility of the individual employee, not the Business Office manager, to insure that qualified sales are tax exempt.

A photocopy of the monthly statement of the Central Bank MasterCard account will be appended to the bill list each month in the board packet.