Operation Yes

 Operation Yes by Sarah Lewis Holmes

In her first ever teaching job, Miss Loupe uses improvisational acting exercises with her sixth-grade students at an Air Force base school, and when she experiences a family tragedy, her previously skeptical class members use what they have learned to help her, her brother, and other wounded soldiers.

Discussion Questions

  1. How does Miss Loupe surprise the students of Room 208?
  2. If you were in Miss Loupe’s class, how would you answer the roll on the first day of school?
  3. What is the Taped Space?
  4. Why is Gari so upset by her mom’s news?
  5. How does Bo feel about Gari staying with his family?
  6. Miss Loupe played the “Yes, and...” game with the class. What is the “Yes, and” game?
  7. What makes Miss Loupe different from the rest of her family?
  8. Why did Miss Loupe’s brother, Marc, send her a cracked photograph?
  9. The students of Room 208 find cracks everywhere, and decide that some are good,
  10. and some are not. Miss Loupe’s brother says that “...cracks are painful, but they can
  11. bring good things, too.” What does he mean by that?
  12. Why does Miss Loupe want to start a theater camp?
  13. Miss Loupe quotes an ancient Greek philosopher when she says, “Be kind, for everyone you know is fighting a great battle.” What does this mean? What kind of battles are fought in this book?
  14. What happens on Gari’s first day of school?
  15. Why didn’t Bo sign up for the Ugly Couch Players? Why did Bo finally decide to sign up for the Ugly Couch Players? Why did he sign Gari’s name, too?
  16. What happened to Miss Loupe’s brother?
  17. Why do you think Bo started the jody call at lunch? What is a jody call?
  18. How has Miss Loupe changed now that she has returned to school? Why do you think Miss Loupe is avoiding the Taped Space?
  19. What are Gari’s Plans? A, B and C?
  20. What is the importance of the LGM?
  21. How did the students of Room 208 “make the circle bigger”?
  22. Where did Gari and Bo end up?

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