Capture the Flag

 Capture the Flag by Kate Messner

When the original Star Spangled Banner is stolen, seventh-graders Anne, José, and Henry, all descendants of the Silver Jaguar Society, pursue suspects on airport carts and through baggage handling tunnels while stranded at a Washington, D.C., airport during a snowstorm.

Discussion Questions

  1. How was the flag stolen?
  2. How much of an impact does the weather have on this story? Can you think of things that would have happened differently in the airport if it hadn’t been for the big snowstorm?
  3. What is the Silver Jaguar Society?
  4. Is it logical for Anna to think the flag might be at the airport? Why do you think she wants to investigate?
  5. Who do the police suspect stole the flag?
  6. Who do the kids think stole the flag?
  7. What does Snake-Arm’s do that makes the kids suspicious?
  8. Why do you think José quotes people all the time?
  9. When it becomes clear who stole the flag, what do you think the motive might have been? Was there any evidence earlier in the story that pointed in this direction?
  10. Were you surprised about what you learned about Snake-Arm? Looking back, were there any clues about who he really was?
  11. What will happen with Anna, Henry and Jose now that the mystery is solved?

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