Cryptid Hunters

   Cryptid Hunters by Roland Smith

In this thrilling new adventure from the author of "Zach's Lie," 13-year-old twins Grace and Marty are sent to live with their anthropologist uncle and discover that he's obsessed with finding cryptids, mysterious creatures believed to be long extinct.

Discussion Questions

  1. What does Marty make for breakfast in the Skyhouse? Who once lived in the Skyhouse?
  2. What happened to Rose?
  3. What does Butch McCall steal from Marty’s pack?
  4. What two precious objects do the twins discover near the lake?
  5. Who is Masalito?
  6. Who is PD?
  7. What is a Mokélé-mbembé?
  8. What does the Bo cam do?
  9. How did Grace disrupt Butch McCall’s camp?
  10. Why don’t the bugs bite Grace like they do Marty?
  11. How did Marty and Masalito communicate?
  12. How is the grey parrot important to Grace?
  13. Why does no one question Noah Blackwood about his “conservation adventures”?
  14. What does the GIZMO do?
  15. Why did Wolfe pay for the twin’s education at the boarding school?
  16. What’s the most important piece of information Grace overhears and finds out when she is hidden amongst the books, in Wolfe’s library?
  17. What happened to Marty when he was exploring Cryptos Island?
  18. What do Grace and Mr. O’Hara use the Moleskines for?
  19. What six character traits does Marty have that makes the story work?
  20. How is Laurel important to the story?
  21. Who is more clever Grace or Marty?
  22. Are the O’Haras dead?
  23. Would you like to travel through the Congo?
  24. What will happen to the twins now?
  25. Do you believe in the existence of animals described in the Cryptid Hunters? Why or why not?
  26. If you could go on an expedition to find a “cryptid,” which one would you like to prove actually exists?
  27. How can the use of technology help in discovering endangered species? Is there a way it can hurt?
  28. Why do you think Grace felt so different once she reached the Congo?
  29. When did you begin to realize that there might be a “secret” about their relationship that the twins never knew about?
  30. Why do you think siblings within a family take on certain roles, such as Marty being the protector for Grace? Can you recognize roles within your family?